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Carpetweavers Development Program

Education Component

  1. Four Education Centres are started in four areas of Kamalia; Madina Colony, Kachi Basti, Behlolwala and Chak. Jakhar. 2 classes are held in one center.
  2. 8 female teachers both Muslims and Christians are teaching Khadi worker children in these areas.
  3. 200 students 175 girls and 25 boys are enrolled in these four centers. 25 students 23 girls and 3 boys are studying.
  4. Students will complete their primary level in three years. And later on they will get admission the regular schools.
  5. Books are distributed among students and they have started studying.
  6. Parents/ Teachers/Contractor committee is in process.
  7. 4 teaching kits were given to four centers.


Development Program for   Khadi Workers (carpet weavers)   


Human Development Centre has started the development program for the carpet weavers in Tehsil Kamalia, District Toba Tek Singh. The project focuses especially the education, health and working condition of the carpet weavers.

Teachers Training Program

  1. A teacher training program was organized at Mubarakabad Toba Tek Sigh. 8 teachers, 4 helpers participated in this training. In this one day training teacher was given the orientation of the Khadi Project. They were given information on how to deal with the children as they have to teach the children of Khadi workers, who have never gone to school. Teachers were introduced of joyful learning methods and techniques, which helped them a lot to teaching children in a friendly and pleasant way.

Health Component

    1. Four Dispensaries are opened in the same four areas. The timing of the dispensaries is three hours from 3 pm to 6 pm for six days in a week.
    2. Four Lady health visitors have appointed to implement the health component of the Khadi Program.
    3. Lady health Workers paid door to door visit and built relation with the people in four areas. Each Lady health worker visited 8 houses per day. They shared with the families about the basic health preventions and cures.
    4. Medicines for the dispensaries have been provided and people are visiting and getting benefits from them.


Working Condition improvement


Survey of four areas is conducted and working sheds are identified of which improvement will be done. 20 Khadi sheds are identified so far. The places where the carpetweavers work are unhealthy and need improvment. HDC will provide the exhaust fans, tube lights, ceiling fans, whitewash in the sheds and mouth masks to save the wrokers from diseases.