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                 Peace Conference 2005

Human Development Centre

                     Yaqub Hameed Hall, St Peter’s High School,

                             Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan

                                 February 26, 27, 2005


Human Development Centre organized two days Peace Conference with the theme,   “Promoting of Peace and Harmony in the Local Perspective from 26-27 February 2005 at St .Peter’s High School. 150 people belonging to civil society, community organizations, Local Peace Committees, Women Peace Groups, Tehsil Peace Council, District Peace Council and community leaders participated in this peace conference. The participants of the peace conference were from the areas where HDC is active in three districts of Faisalabad, Toba Tek Singh and Jhang. The purpose of the Peace Conference was to review situation, actions and initiatives taken by communities, CBOs and HDC work   on   peace and harmony and to devise a common plan of action to promote peace and harmony at the grassroots level. In the peace conference, tableaus, songs and role play were presented. The peace conference was inaugurated with the colorful ceremony with peace balloons and mime show and peace message was delivered on this beautiful occasion.

The resource persons of the peace conference were Ashfaq Fateh Principal (St. Peter’s high school Toba Tek Singh) Peter Shehezad (AWARD, Faisalabad), Mr. Qamar Zaidi (journalist and Human Rights Activist from Jhang), Ms. Meena Munir (Women Rights Activist, Jhang) and Mr. Aftab Mughal (Lahore). They spoke on the peace and harmony in the local perspective.

Mr. Atif Jamil Pagaan, deputy director of Human Development Centre presented the key note address on the peace conference. At the end, Fr. Bonnie Mendes, Director HDC thanked the participants and invited the participants to take part in the work done and will be done to promote peace and harmony at all levels.


In the peace conference, HDC drama team presented interactive theatre on Peace and Harmony focusing a local conflict on the land.  Peace Conference was started and closed with the Tableaus presented by the school children from different areas.






1. Peace Conference Contents & Resource Persons

1.      Peace and Harmony Local perspectives (Peter Shahzad)

2.      Peace Education for the Social Harmony (Ashfaq Fateh)

3.      Human Rights and Peace Movement (Qamar Zaidi Coordinator HRCP, Jhang)

4.      Ms. Meena Munir (Jhang)

5.      Mr. Aftab Mughal (former Executive Secretary J&P, Multan)


In the peace conference following sessions were conducted

Session 1

Peace and Harmony Local Perspective

What is peace and harmony in the local perspectives?

What are Problems and difficulties in promoting peace and harmony?

How we can promote peace and Harmony?


Session 2

Peace Education for Social Harmony

Definition of Peace

Peace Concepts and terminologies

Peace Education for Social Harmony



Session 3

Human Rights and Peace Movement

What are basic human rights? United Nations human rights charter

What are the forms of human rights violations?

How can we stop human rights violations?

Role of HR movement in promoting peace and harmony


Session 4

Women and Peace

Present Status of women in Society

Role of Women for promoting peace and harmony

Challenges for women in promoting peace



Plan of Action

In the last session of Peace Conference, the participants devised a plan of action.  The focus of the plan was to promote interfaith harmony through HDC activities and programs.



Formation of Labor Unions

Attitudinal Change in the behavior

Social Security

Awareness programs for the workers rights and labor laws



Formation of Women Peace Group

Formation of Children

Participation of women in the decision making process at all levels


Promotion of Quality Education

Forming Children Peace Groups

Promotion of Values through games

Religious Minorities

Religious groups promote disharmony among people.

Conflicts resolution of the social and religious concerns

Celebrations and participation the religious and national events

Networks of organizations on Peace and harmony

Promotion of Values; love, Tolerance, reconciliation



4. Feedback


At the end of the peace conference, the participants gave their feed back on the process, methodology, participation.

Mr. Finyas Paul, Vice president of Peace Promotion Council from Gojra said that he is very happy to participate in the peace conference on peace and harmony. “I never had such opportunity where I could learn about peace and harmony. It has broadened my understanding on social issues and peace and harmony concept. I wish that these kinds of activities should be continued”

Miss Sana Mehnga, teacher Covent of Jesus & Mary said, “I am lucky that I participated in the peace conference on peace and harmony. Although I am young but I wish to contribute towards the betterment of the society.”

Nargas Bibi, said, I am thankful to HDC for the inviting me to learn about peace and harmony. I did not know about peace and harmony. The very important thing that I have learnt from the peace conference is that people are taking initiatives at their own level. This is very encouraging for us. I am impressed. I wish that I could join in Women Peace Group and work for the promotion of peace and harmony.

Miss Razia Noreen, a Muslim young woman, said, “I have learned a lot form this peace conference. I was of the view that wherever HDC shared with me and women in the sewing centres about peace and interfaith harmony; it felt that they are intending to convert us to Christianity. But in the peace conference, the way peace and interfaith harmony concepts are discussed it made me clear about the concept. And now I am more clear about the concept. I got energy and I wish to work more and I will convince women to join women peace groups and take action to bring about positive changes in the society.”