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Grafting Peace to Solidarity among Religions

Peace Conference Report


Human Development Centre in collaboration with United Religions Initiative (URI) organized a two day  Peace Conference with the theme Grafting Peace to solidarity among religions on 29-30, September, 2003 at St .Alberts High School Gojra.

200 HR activists and peace agents belonging to civil society, community organizations and religious organization participated in this peace conference. The resource person of the peace conference were Farooq Tariq, president Pakistan Labor Party, Fr. James Channan Coordinator URI Asia, Miss Shazia Shaheen ASR Lahore, Aftab Alexander Mughal, Justice and Peace Commission Multan (MSLCP), Peter Shahzad Award Faisalabad, Younas Khushi Action Aid Lahore, Fr. Bonnie Mendes and Amir Habib TVO Faisalabad. Mr. Atif Jamil Pagaan, Deputy director of Human Development Centre addressed the audience of the peace conference and explained about the objectives of the peace conference and HDC initiative for peace and interfaith harmony. Fr. James Channan, Coordinator of URI Asia presented the keynote address and introduction of the URI movement in the world. The contents of the peace conference were: Peace building and interfaith harmony challenges, threats in local, national and international perspectives, women in war and conflict resolution, experiences and movement of peace building and social harmony in Pakistan.  In the peace conference HDC volunteer drama team played interactive theatre on children rights, education and peace building. 

The participants of the Peace Conference devised a plan of action.


1. Long Term Plan


  • Constitutional amendment
  • Participation of people in the policy making
  • Revision of the curriculum
  • Establishing Peace Resource Centre
  • Promotion of values

2. Short Term Plan for One Year


  • 10 articles to the different national and local newspapers
  • 5 press conferences
  • 5 street theatres
  • Building networks of organizations working on peace and harmony
  • Advertisements on the Local TV cable network
  • Peace Symbols on the selling items like (Match box)



  • Peace Conference report to government and NGOs

Local Level


  • Forming groups at the grassroots levels
  • Building net works with NGOs and CBOs
  • Awareness programs for the mobilization of people
  • Working with different school and forming PTS groups
  • Identifying and mobilizing local leadership
  • Promotion of peace symbols (like toys)

Community level


  • Focus towards social institutions (schools, family and religious places)
  • Formation and career guidance in family
  • Penetration of solidarity among children and students
  • Peace and harmony programs with grass roots people
  • Encouraging sport competitions
  • Awareness programs for attitudinal change
  • Peace Conference every two years




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