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Capacity Building Program and Trainings


Human Development Centre is working in different areas of Toba Tek Singh and Faisalabad Districts.  One of the sectors HDC working is youth capacity building program, HDC focused on the    development of the youth, LPCs, WPGs, and HDC staff and volunteers in 2003.  Followings are the programs and trainings in which HDC sent people for the trainings and HDC organized some of the programs for the capacity building of the people.


            Child Friendly training program from December 13, 2002 to January 3, 2003.  40 females and males participated in this training. Teachers were taught English and Urdu phonics.

            Nia Pakistan Study Circle was started in August 2002. 40 people both men and women of the area participated in the prlimary meeting. Vision of the study circle was set; promotion of dialogue on the social, economic and cultural issues.  

            Action Aid Lahore organized a workshop on violence against women from March 17 to March 19, 2003 at Al Humra Hall. The purpose of the workshop was to highlight the issues related to women issues. Representatives from national and international organizations participated in this workshop.

            A leadership-training program was held in Sri Lanka. Participations from Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Pakistan attended this leadership-training program. HDC also participated in this program.

            A four days workshop from March 15, 2003 to March 19, 2003, was organized by Action Aid Lahore at SAP PK office Lahore. The topic of the workshop was Local Resource Mobilization. 15 organizations participated in this workshop.

            SOS Qasoor organized Kisan Mela (farmer fare) on March 30, 2003.  200 people from the province of Punjab participated in this Kisan Mela.  The purpose of the Kisan Mela was to provide farmers chance to learn from the experiences of the others. Agricultural Instruments were placed in the Kisan Mela. Cricket, Hockey and football matches were also organized for the entertainments of the people.

            Justice and Peace Commission organized TOT training program from June 6, 2003 to June 7, 2003 in Lahore. Three persons from HDC participated in this training of trainers program. 30 people from different organization participated.

Notes from 5/1 Game

Run Out Everything!
We could have had a couple more hits during last night's game but our batters didn't run full speed to first base. On both occasions our batters thought the ball they hit was an easy out, but the fielder bobbled it. Because we didn't run full speed, the fielder still had time to make the play.


Awareness Program


HDC IFH staff organized 6 awareness programs in Toba Tek Singh with the Muslim and Christian youth. The purpose of theses programs was to make youth aware inter/intra faith harmony, peace, solidarity, basic human rights, and tolerance. 285 youth participated in these programs and shared their views.


Interactive theatre and role-plays:


HDC IFH staff has formed WPGs in the different areas. The members of these groups presented the role-plays on the concept of peace and harmony in the other areas.  Women performed 17 role-plays in the villages. There was a time when communities would not allow the girls to perform and watch but now the women groups not only watch but also prepare the role-plays and perform in the villages.


HDC theatre group prepared three theatres to educate the communities. The themes of the theatres are child rights, peace and domestic violence.

The interactive theatre helps communities participate in the issue and discuss the issue on the stage.


Parents/Teachers/Students Meetings


Human Development Centre organized 20 P/T/S meetings. All the three stake holders (parents, teachers and students) discuss the themes of national integrity, peace and harmony. The interaction between the parents and teachers help the students to improve their academic performance. Through these meetings HDC has set the trend of parent/teacher meetings in the schools. HDC staff facilitates the meetings and integrate the issue of personality development and character building of the students with the human values.


Essay/ Poster Competitions


Human Development Centre organized 2 Essay and 2 Poster competitions in ten schools of the Toba Tek Singh district. Poster competition encouraged other schools to take part in this activity and invited the school management to hold such activity in the school. The staff and students are willing to participate. Three hundred students (girls and boys) participated in the posters competition and 110 in the essay competitions. HDC staff gives the orientation session before the students take part in the activities. In the sessions, the students are given the introduction on the themes of tolerance, harmony, peace and reconciliation. 


Women Development Program


Interactive Theatre


Theatre is used as a tool to raise awareness on the issues and get the communities mobilized. The interactive theatre team of the HDC got training from Interactive Resource Center Lahore. The team prepares theatre on different social, cultural, and political issues.  Mr. Mohammad Rafiq, consultant of Action Aid, trained another theatre group.

Theatre teams performed shows on issues like water (irrigation and drinking), joint electorate, and participation of women in political process, school curriculum, peace building, interfaith harmony, conflict resolution, and community organization and citizenship rights. 


Followings are the details of the presentation in the different areas:

            Interactive theatre team presented interactive theatre on the issue of child rights in Chak No. 291 Lahorianwala Toba Tek Singh and in Jhang and in Lasani Hotel Toba Tek Singh. 450   people of the of both places watched the interactive theatre.

            An interactive theatre was presented on the peace and harmony in Peace Conference 2003 organized by Human Development Centre at St. Alberts High School Gojra. 300 people both Christian and Muslims (men and women) from various parts of the country. attended the Peace Conference and watched the interactive theatre.

            HDC organized six days training for the young people of the different target areas. 50 boys and girls got the training on performing interactive theatre.


Hepatitis Camp in Toba Tek Singh


A two day camp from July 25, to July 26, 2003 on the disease of Hepatitis B. C. has been held at Lady Club Toba Tek Singh with the joint venture of Human Development Centre, Adam Welfare Organization (Tehsil Peace Council TTS) and Tehsil Peace Council Gojra. Fr. Bonnie Mendes and Dr. Javed Akhtar Shah inaugurated the camp with hopeful and gloomy faces and loud clapping of visitors came there for test and vaccination of the disease.


The purpose of holding the camp in TTS was to aware people about this vital disease of Hepatitis B. C. and to provide vaccination. During the two days camp 375 visitors have the test of Hepatitis B, out of which 13% were found patients of Hepatitis B. And 40% were Hepatitis C. Those who were found with Hepatitis B, they were given vaccination as a preventive measure. However, Those who were found with Hepatitis C, they were referred to qualified and prominent doctors for the thorough check up.


Visitor asked the doctors and the vaccinators about the main cause of the disease. Doctors told the may reason for the wide spread of the Hepatitis B. C:


  • Use of unsterilized syringe
  • Blood contact
  • Sexual relations
  • Contaminated water


Doctors suggested the people to use the clean and boiled water. In the matter of injection, they must use new sealed syringe. Whenever there any need of blood they use tested and verified blood.


At the closing of the camp, Fr. Bonnie Mendes addressed the visitors. He thanked and appreciated the Mactor International Company for its great efforts and services for the elimination of the Hepatitis BC. He said that we are with the Mactor International in its campaign against Hepatitis BC. We extend our full cooperation and support in this respect.


He said to the people that they must be careful about their health. He also appreciated TPC TTS and TPC Gojra. He said that it is the need of the time that civil society should come forward and take initiative for the welfare and development of the people. We have to develop love, sacrifice, tolerance and peace in ourselves for others. They lead our society a just and peaceful society. Our mission is to create harmony and peace in our society. We invite all those like-minded and cooperative people to join us for this great cause of harmony and peace. The camp supervisor of the Mactor said that they are thankful to all those friends who cooperated with them. He said that they will try their level best to hold camp in TTS every month and will provide cheap test and vaccination.



There is no way to peace, peace is the way...............