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Christian families face disaster by rains



Emergency Relief Program in Rain and Flood affected areas, District Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan




This summer, despite the hot season, the rains heavily affected the crops and homes of the poor people. The livestock also suffered from different diseases.

In the village 328 JB, due to rain on August 3, 2004 which continued for four hours in the morning, ten homes were affected. The roofs got down, the walls broke and all the things in the homes were affected. Village 328 JB is comprised of 325 households including 44 Christian households. The Muslims are farmers and they own land but the Christians do not own any land. They work as sanitary workers, tenants, laborers and housemaids in the village and neighboring areas.

The number of total persons affected by the rains and breakage of canal are 62 including children and women.

The names of the heads of families are

  1. James Masih
  2. Aslam Masih
  3. Niamat Masih
  4. Shoukat Masih
  5. Suhail masih
  6. Younis Masih
  7. Boota Masih
  8. Inayat Masih
  9. Allah Ditta
  10. Rehat Masih


In village Rasalla, District Toba Tek Singh, there are 17 Christian families in the village of 206 households. The Christians are landless and they work for the landlords. They are very poor and live on the daily earnings. In this village 6 households are damaged by the rains.


Households’ situation:


Most of the homes are made of mud and bricks and can not resist the rains and storms. The standard home size is one room, toilet and kitchen.

The need is to build the homes for these families.


Emergency Relief:


Since the homes are broken and all the home thins are lying outside, the families are unable to cook food. They also can not survive under the sky. The need is to provide them food and tents.




Role of Society for Human Development 


SHD team visited the areas, interviewed the people and provided the food, shelter and medicines to the families and livestock to meet the emergency needs. SHD also started the renovation of the less affected homes.




Homes renovation (Rs 15,000 x 17)                                                 = Rs 255,000

Food for 88 people for ten days (Rs 100 x 88 x 10)             = Rs   88,000

Tents for 23 families (Rs 800 x 23)                                                   = Rs   18,400

Medicines for human beings                                                 = Rs   26,000

Medicines for livestock                                                                     = Rs   35,500

Grand Total                                                                                        = Rs 422,900


1 US $ @ Pak Rs 58

Total amount requested in US $                                                        = US $ 7291 Appx


The help is needed for the people, SHD will bear all the administrator cost and doctors (medical and veterinary) will provide the services free of cost.


The children are probably the most vulnerable in this regard. The diseases have spread out and children are suffering from more diseases than anybody else.



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