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Centre for training of teachers in Childfriendly methods of teaching and tools development

Activities of TRC

Teachers Resource Centre (TRC) was started in August 2002 in Mubarakabad a semi urban area of DA 11 Toba Tek Singh. Society for Human Development  sent 20 teachers both male and female Muslim and Christian to Adult Basic Education Society (ABES) Islamabad for the Child Friendly Teaching methods.  ABES equipped the teachers with new teaching and learning techniques and skills.  ABES also arranged a Training of Trainers (TOT). The purpose of the TOT was to identify and train teachers to train other teachers on the Child Friendly Teaching and Learning skills and techniques. Society for Human Development  is running 10 children friendly schools in the different areas of DA 11. Those teachers who go training from the ABES they are using those skills and techniques in these schools. The Teacher Resource Centre is coordinating the child friendly schools. The role of the Teacher Resource Centre is to coordinate the activities of the CFSs. TRC provides opportunity to develop existing resources and talents in the teachers.. TRC coordinator pay visits to child friendly schools and provide help in the difficulties and problems teachers face during the teaching.



Following are the objectives of the TRC


            To provide training and opportunity to private and government school teachers

            To develop resource material for the guidance of the teachers

            To coordinate and help the work of Child Friendly School


Teacher Resource Centre has organized the following activities for the development of the teachers and the students for their better education:


Teacher Refresher Course Training Components


            Teacher Resource Centre organized 4 days Teacher Refresher Course in Fatima Hostel Gojra.  60 Teachers from the different areas of DA 11, Faisalabad, Jhang, Shorekot, Okara and Sahiwal participated in the refresher course. The contents of the training were: Human Right Education, citizenship education, interfaith harmony and conflicts resolution. Miss. Jennifer Jagjivan from CRS, Mr. Nadeem Fazal from Action Aid Lahore facilitated the sessions.


            Two-day Child Friendly School Learning and teaching program organized in Chak No. 462 G.B. Isanagri Sumandri. 40 Teacher male and female attended the program. The participations were equipped   new and modern teaching skills like Urdu and English phonics, use of teaching kit.


            A same program was organized in Chak No. B 75 Fateh Pure Layyia. 35 primary school teachers participated in the program. The TOTs trained the participants about the Child Friendly School learning and teaching methods.

            TRC organized one week teachers training program in Chak No. 295, G.B. Berianwala. Church World Service Lahore teacher training staff facilitated the sessions on the different methods of teaching and learning. 40 teachers from different areas including child friendly schools teachers participated in this program.



Teachers Resource Centre (TRC)

SHD has taken the initiative of establishing a Teacher Recourse Centre (TRC) with the objective to provide quality education to children in the government and private schools. TRC develops tools and methods to  equip the teachers with joyful learning skills and tools and also educate them on issues of human rights, citizenship education, gender issues and tolerance in the society.


Issues Related to education in  society:



            A number of children become dropouts because the attitudes of the teachers are not friendly with students.

            Teachers teach students with the primitive and traditional way of teaching that in the present age is out-dated. This does not encourage children to take interest in the study.

            Teachers are not well equipped and trained with the new techniques and skills to deal with students in the classroom.

            A large number of the parents are poor and they cannot afford the high expenses on the education of their children, especially the educational expenses in the private schools are very high.

            Education is the least priority of the parents. Parents spend huge amount of their income on the activities like birthday, wedding and shopping etc.

            Government has opened schools in the different villages and remote areas but some of them are the Ghost schools. Buildings exist but there are no students and teachers.

            Many programs which began in the name of Compulsory Primary education, failed because of the lack of the interest of community.

            The curriculum is not designed in a way that promotes understanding of human rights, interfaith harmony, citizenships, gender equity and equal citizenship. When children grown up from tiny body to men and women they are only hollow and cannot be the torch bears for others.

            Parents do not give priority to the girls education.



Child Friendly School

           Society for Human Development  has established 10 Child Friendly School in the different areas of DA 11 Toba Tek Singh. The purpose of the child friendly school is to help tiny children to grow up with quality education which can help them to play a positive and constructive role in the society for the better.  Teachers focus on the character building of the children rather than depositing the knowledge and information. Children in the school are provided friendly and pleasant atmosphere that encourage them to take keen interest in studies. These child friendly schools  consist of one room school, which are provided by the community as a local contribution. The teachers are paid a nominal stipend Rs. 800 per month.


Material Development Program


Teacher Resource Centre is working on the lines of developing material for the child friendly schools which can help teachers to get necessary material and information for the guidance and help. Last year, teachers produced various items: alphabetic, Urdu and English phonics. Cards, teaching kits, play cards, counting with blocks. Games and Posters etc. These teaching aids are very useful.


Case Study



My name is Nazia Barkat. I live in Mubarakabad Toba Tek Singh one of   the areas of the DA 11. I am running a child friendly school. There are 20 children boys and girls. I was very much fond of teaching. When I was student, I was very much interested in teaching. After the completion of school education, I started teaching small children in our locality. I always face  problems  keeping busy children in study. They come late and some time there was less number in the class. I was teaching with the primitive and traditional way of teaching. Some time I used to punish children when they do not work.  Children felt boring the way I was teaching them.  In the begging there were good number of children, but with the passage of time and the number of children decreased and it came to that level that one day there was not any child in the class. I reflected on the way of the teaching.  It was very much difficult to teach children. I did not have teaching training and skill to deal with the children. I was feeling the need of some training where I can get some teaching and learning skills.


One day Society for Human Development asked me to go for the training I accepted immediately. I got 10 days training from the Adult Basic Education Society.  There I got training on management of class, how to use teaching kit, Urdu and English phonics, grouping. They also taught us how to involve children in the classroom work. ABES told us many games, which help children to develop their personality. There were techniques that keep children busy. ABES has also taught us how to create the friendly and pleasant atmosphere in the classroom.


Later on, I used all the learning and skills in teaching the children in my locality. Now I am happy that I am trained enough to teach children, keep them busy and provide them a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. The number of my school is increasing day by day. There are 40 children both boys and girls. Children are very happy. They are coming regularly. They are now able to present role-play on any issues. They take keen interest in the study. The parents are very happy with their children. Some of the children are gone to the different schools.


Two months ago, TRC arranged training in Chak No. 295 Berianwala. The training staff of Church World Service conducted the sessions. They told us about the different new methods of teaching and learning. I got a new method Multiple Teaching from the CWS teacher training staff that is very useful and helpful for me in my teaching. I thank to TRC and SHD staff that they helped me to learn.


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