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Introduction of SHD


Mission statement

Empowering community to build an enabling environment for peace building, interfaith harmony and development.




  1. SHD has established and is running a low cost self sustain Peace Resource Centre to provide update information and training to local groups and local department.
  2. SHD staff and volunteers are trained to educate, motivate, mobilize and transfer managerial, technique, knowledge, skills and attitudes to local groups (LPCs, WPGs, TPCs DPC).
  3. SHD has enabled poor women, small farmers and landless people to participate in activities for their own economic and social development in selected areas of Toba Tek Singh Jhang and Faisalabad.
  4. Peace Committees established and made functional for advocacy of civil rights, peace and interfaith harmony on sustainable basis.
  5. SHD has established NGOs, CBOs and community groups at local level and linked with other groups to advocate peace and interfaith harmony issues for sustainable grass roots movements.
SHD Grows Steadily


Throughout the years, we have learned that slow but steady initiatives prove to be sustainable and long lasting. SHD has  grown with the staff members as well as the people of areas we  work.


During the year 2003, brick kiln workers struggle for their rights and eleven days strike from their work taught us the lesson of consistent and continuous struggle. The Brick Kiln workers are now organized and plan to start a more organized movement.


Teachers Resource Centre is working on the training of the teachers and developing new tools and methods for the joyful learning of the children. We hope TRC will grow into an independent organization and will serve the education sector in future.  


The struggle is continued for the equal citizenship rights for all in Pakistan. The school syllabus needs to be revised as it lacks lessons to build the character of children and develop their personality. SHD is also working on it.


Struggle against discriminatory laws continues. Injustice in the society has scared the people and they do not take initiatives for the community development.


I thank all the SHD staff especially the field staff who work tirelessly to pave the way for social change in Pakistan.


Atif Jamil Pagaan

(Former Deputy Director)



RAISON D’ETRE OF Social Harmony in Pakistan

There are only two countries in the world that were created on the basis of religion, one is Israel and the other is Pakistan. Both are strong religiously ideological states, with the religion of the rulers being the dominant force of everything in society. The Constitution of Pakistan is clearly today Islamic, the name of the country is Islamic Republic of Pakistan, its head of the state has to be a Muslim, being a strong staunch Muslim belonging to the same strand as the rulers of the country, makes one the true citizenship, although it is not said loud and clear, it is made obvious in everyday life that there is in the country, a minority. All those who are not Muslims are religious minorities.

One can go further and state if one is not of a particular sect, or school of thought, one may also be denigrated to be a minority, but the Non-Muslims are definitely religious minorities in Pakistan. The military dictator, Zia ul Haq when he deprived the religious minorities to vote the Muslim citizens of Pakistan, in the separate electorate system, rubbed this in. He compartmentalized the whole country into five different religious groups. No religious minority could vote for the Muslims and they could not vote for the religious minorities, with the result, the Muslims totally neglected the religious minority and made them feel not only as second or third class citizens but as if the other religious minorities were aliens in their own country, the land where their forefathers and fore mothers have lived for a thousand years and more.

In this context that the raison d’etre for IFH is derived. It is a conditio sine qua non, there is no other alternative, there is definitely a majority community and the religious minorities’ area minority community. The Constitution of 1973, unanimously approved by all was amended to declare one sect, the Ahmedyas as non-Muslims and thereby religious minorities. This is in addition to the Hindus, Christians and others.

It is in context of the ideologically Islamic state, that the Separate Electorate System, played further havoc when the military dictator to please the Islamic forces introduced that system to divide the nation even further. The Christians and Hindus could only vote for the members of their own religion, it was at that time that Society for Human Development  was born. Naturally it stressed Inter faith harmony. It wanted to promote grassroots understanding and work together. The havoc caused by the compartmentalization of society still stands, and when one looks at this phenomenon in the context of the fact that Pakistan is a strong religiously ideological state, one understands the plight of the religious minorities. They are alienated from every side and at all levels.

Inter-faith harmony is not a luxury it is an absolute necessity.  It flows from the ideology of the country where the Muslims are elevated as rulers of the country. A reformation and re-formulation of this ideology would require a lot of courage and hard work, but that is the ultimate agenda of the liberal forces in the country, but at this time, that is far dream, and the ground reality demands that there is inter-faith harmony in the country, that Muslims and non-Muslims work in close collaboration, that they rub shoulders in every day activities and forget their religious affinities and work as common citizens of one country, for its growth and happiness.



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